Individual Therapy

Girl receiving individual therapy service

Meredith and her team provide individual therapy sessions in a nurturing environment to help clients to achieve treatment goals.

Family Therapy

Group sitting at a table receiving a family therapy service

Meredith and her team provide family therapy sessions in a nurturing environment to help families to achieve treatment goals.


Girl sitting on couch on the phone for her teletherapy session

Video sessions via a HIPPA compliant technology platform can be scheduled and conducted as needed for clients. Please note that teletherapy services can only be used for New Jersey residents and you need to physically be in New Jersey during the session.


Yogi on the beach practicing mindfulness at sunrise

Meredith utilizes and teaches mindfulness techniques with her clients. Mindfulness training helps you be in the present moment with awareness and acceptance and to get to a wise place to make more effective decisions and to reduce emotionality.

Group Therapy

A group therapy service

Meredith believes that group therapy is a powerful tool to help you to identify with others, to feel less alone and to gain support. Meredith runs multiple DBT Skills Groups and is always creating new groups in her practice.

Intuitive Eating

Table of food to represent intuitive eating therapy

Meredith, as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, offers Intuitive Eating (IE) services. IE is an inner journey of discovery. The goal is to cultivate a healthy and satisfying relationship with food. In a nutshell, IE uses the workbook, worksheets and practical everyday scenarios, to help you to reconnect with your wise mind, eat intuitively and change the way you think about your body and food.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Hand embrace to represent Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Meredith provides DBT services in her practice. Following the DBT treatment module Meredith provides individual therapy utilizing diary cards, behavioral chain analysis, phone coaching and skills-based worksheets and assignments. Meredith teaches skills in the following modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Walking the Middle Path. Meredith provides DBT Skills Groups (see group tab) to strengthen treatment.

Meredith also provides those with substance abuse and addiction issues Dialectical Behavior Therapy and the 12 Steps Treatment which connects all of the DBT skills to 12-step literature and philosophy. Clients are required to be active in a 12-step program, have a sponsor and home group to make the treatment most effective.

Eating Disorder Support

Vegetable flat lay on wooden table

Meredith offers therapeutic services to help the client understand their eating disorders, identify the protective factors of them and help to create a toolbox of effective coping skills to decrease/eliminate ED behaviors and thoughts. Meredith is also a certified eating disorder coach and was trained by the Carolyn Costin Institute

Meal support: To recover from eating disorders, you need to eat everyday. And this can pose some challenges. Meredith offers meal support services in session or via video sessions. Meal support helps you to stay accountable to your meal plan, challenge fears and food rules, normalize meal and snack times, try a variety of foods,  stay on track with recovery goals and have private support.

In addition Meredith offers other practical concrete support including dining out at restaurants, food shopping and clothes shopping.

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